Blog reopened!
posted by Hanim J. on Jan 18, 2017 ( 6 comments )

Hello guys! long time no see huh! you must be wondering, who the h*** is this right?! well, it's me Hanim also known as, Hanie or Hnie /does it ring a bell?/ sorry if this post sounds kinda awkward (haven't been posting anything for quite a long time)  so, after a few years battling with my mind, and my heart whether should or not i reopen this blog, i've finally decided to just give it a GO. I don't know how's this gonna turns out but we'll just see /grin/ hope i'll stick around to this site again and never leave. Only God knows how i actually missed blogging so much but don't really have time for the revamp and no idea(nothing) on what to post for the updates. So, i guess i'm back and ready to rock again(?) but i'll keep this blog more on graphics and resources focused. I really hope so.

Also as you can see, this blog is in a whole new look now, fully coded by me and my awkwardness.. with a new name too(to match all my other social medias username) this look is too simple? yeah, i know right! but i just wanna keep it that way. huhu. So, i'll leave you with a few graphics i've made here cuz i really have nothing to say anymore. lol

user posted image
user posted image

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user posted image user posted image

you can view more of these on my deviantart

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